About My Podcasts

My podcasts are a source of social expression, and bearing witness to my experiences.  What I am doing today, is living through an experience that is all about following my mission in life while currently staying in the Minneapolis shelter system.  Another way to put it is that I am working through a process of "Real Life Research and Development." It all started in 2010 when I first found myself on the street for about 7-10 days, and then in the shelter system.  I began to do something proactive, for myself, and then almost immediately envision taking that idea and apply it toward helping the community.  Essentially, thinking why keep it to myself.

So today, I am 9 years into this work of developing something that means something because of my experiences.  But, not just my experience from the past 9 years.  But, developing something that is derived from my experience, education, training, personal work, and life practice over the past 36 years.  Experience, education, training, personal work and life practice brought me into the world of knowing what it means to live outside the world in which I was born and raised.  Outside my life of being born into a domestic violence family, born and raised in an alcoholic family where my father (the alcoholic) never recovered.  And, because of being born and raised into a family such as this, I was further abused by being sexually molested while attending and participating in the Boy Scouts.

Suffice it to say, I have a great deal to talk about... so hang on... there's much more on the way...

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