#5 Norseman Today 2-17-21

Today's podcast is about today's frustrations & feelings I need to express. Today I talked about a mix of personal challenges & social issues that I have needed to talk about. I address issues across the length of my life. As well as making connections to social issues today. I wander little bit, but stay relatively focused abuses I've experienced over the course of my youth.

I talk about my father and mother and the alcoholic nature of their relationship. I essentially highlight many different experiences I have lived through over the course pic my life, hoping people might make use of the life lessons. I continue to learn about what I need to do to make my podcast better, one podcast at a time.

I end with thanking people for their time, and appreciating the opportunity to make use of my personal podcast channel.

Again, I have plenty to learn about making my own podcasts better, and will make note of that each and every time.

This photo is from Simpson shelter, the shelter where I was staying before being transferred to Holiday Inn hotel because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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