Sunday, November 1, 2020

This podcast was recorded November 1, 2020, though not uploaded until early Monday, November 2, 2020.

Today's podcast is only my second to date.  After recording and discarding others because of my general lack of focus, I am finally publishing this one.  There are still plenty of times I got off track.  But, this entire podcast channel is a work in progress.  

Preface - Though I did use a notes sheet to help me stay focused.  I still allowed myself to use a free form style of recording to give myself the freedom to speak freely.  Reading something as a standard practice of recording podcast is just not appealing to me, even though I know I was the one that wrote the text.  I want to be talking to the listeners, not reading to them.  Again, this is a work in progress.  I'm expecting things to get better with practice!

Sponsor - David Jordahl & the CSR Direct Project

  • Chapter 1: What I'm Doing Here
  • Chapter 2: The State of Society

Chapter 1

Though I do a fair amount of "aaaahh" and "ummmm", I'm allowing this to be published to break through this impasse and learn as I go.  But, as I mention in this podcast, in private I can think and speak very articulately, speaking out load and publicly is a different story.  So, I must let go of the fact that these are not perfect, or even close.  But, I speak in a manner that is frank and honest, still conveying some good messages.

I do open up about some very frank things.  Most significant being born into a domestic violence family system.  And, born and raised in an alcoholic family system.  Reminder, alcoholism is a family or group sickness.

Chapter 2

Again, at the risk of wondering off topic and not being very fluid in delivery.  I continue to talk about the State of our Society and the up coming elections.  More specifically, the Fight for the Soul of America.  And, the American Failure that is Donald Trump!

I speak to the fact that the tension that is inherent in this 2020 election season is not normal.  Combined with the stress of the pandemic, our social atmosphere is unprecedented. 

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